Andree Wallin is a digital artist that I have been following for years now. I have communicated with him online and have learned a lot about art direction, matte paintings, set extensions, colour pallettes etc. I stay updated on all of his latest works as each new piece is inspiring. Not only is he great in my eyes, however he has even worked on many famous projects. A solid example of one of his most publicized pieces was the movie Oblivion. He designed many of the concepts arts and posters for the film. I write this post in his honor as I believe his work deserves more attention.

"Andree Wallin is a concept artist and producer working mainly with commercials and films with an expertise in concept/pre-vis art as well as high-end promo art such as movie posters, magazine covers and billboards. Clients include Universal, Warner Bros., Disney, Digital Domain, MPC, Blur, Legendary Pictures etc." - Pulled from Andree's "About Me" page on his website.

Some examples of Andree's pieces:

Check out more on his online portfolio/website:


Vscocam is a great alternative to Instagram when it comes to online photo sharing. It takes on a more professional approach and takes away the like and comment system implemented in Instagram. It's focus is simply on the photos. I appreciate that because as Instagram continues it's life it is becoming more and more of a popularity contest. It's not even about the photos anymore, it's simply a visual Facebook of nonsense at times. Not that the new direction is a bad one, however for those who take photography a little more seriously and seek inspiriation it's not a good community to go to.

Vscocam allows you to create, edit, and display photos in a grid system. It's as if you are posting your photos to a virtual museum for others to browse. You shoot images with an advanced UI that includes camera controls such as manual focus, shutter speed, white balance and exposure compenation. Then you sync the images and edit photos in a streamlined workflow. All images you edit go to a virtual cloud based library that can be accessed on any device that can sign into Vscocam (PC and mobile). You edit photos with various filters and effects. Vscocam is known for a washed out, low contrast style... commonly referred to as "vintage" or "hipster" style. It's a photography style that allows for anyone to look good and any image to appear professional thanks to literally cutting out half the spectrum. Once you are done editing you upload it to your profile and share it.

A unique and fun feature to Vscocam is the explore options. You can find inspiration on their "Vsco Grid" and "Vsco Journal." They include journal articles, photography tutorials, inspiration, both famous and amature photographers, and images from around the globe.

For more information visit
Check out my VSCO at


Ever wanted a convieniant and fun way to share what you are working on with others? How about in a full blown online community environment, where you can get advice from others too? All of this can be found on Dribbble. It's an online website that is full of designers answering eachother questions each day. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (more simply called shots) that showcase their past works, process and current projects. Dribbble is an excellent creative outlook that is worth mentioning on this blog.

On Dribbble you create a profile that can include your name, a little background info and a small bio. You can also link to your other websites and provide contact information so you can be called upon for freelance work as well. Your page will include thumbnails to your works that can be clicked on and expanded. It provides a great overview for your work for others to see.

Upon clicking on an image you are then provided with extra information. This is where Dribbble is excellent. You can gather an images colour palette, learn more about the image with the description box, view the tags used on the image (so you can find similar images for more inspiration), share the image and even view more by the artist.

Therefore combining the elements of community and a love for arts, Dribbble is an excellent online source that everyone who enjoys digital arts should jump onto.

As an added bonus here is a great example of a profile that consists of top quality content, done by a fellow classmate:


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