I’m like a chameleon when it comes to photography, as I experiment with many different styles. My favourites are macro, candid, food, night, and lo-fi. The primary photography tools I utilize are my DSLR (A Nikon D3100), and Photoshop. Every day I see opportunities to capture moments with my camera, and I absolutely love editing photos. The freedom you have with all the various effects you can achieve is incredible. I’ll go over my favourite photography styles in more detail, including some examples I’ve taken.

Macro Photography
Macro photography consists of extremely close-up shots. Usually taken of objects that are small in size. Essentially the goal is to have the object dominate more than 50% of the frame. Achieving a solid depth of field effect is key to creating a great macro shot. You want the background to be blurred, causing the focused object to pop in extreme detail. Lighting is also very important as always with photography. It’s sometimes difficult to get proper lighting between the subject and the lens, as the lens occasionally casts a shadow. A good overhead light is key to prevent this issue. 

Candid Photography
This is my favourite style when it comes to social gatherings. Being able to capture people in the moment without preparation allows for completely natural photos. It allows people to appear relaxed and feel at ease, showing their true colours within the photo. In my opinion it’s one of the purest forms of photography as you are capturing life as it happens. 

Food Photography
Simple still life shots of food. It consists of selective focus on tilted plates with good and extreme close ups. You can make food look incredibly appealing through this form or even make one of their stand out features more prominent. A strong depth of field is a good trick to use to make food pop off plate more. Bright lighting can cause food to sparkle making it more appetizing as well.

Night Photography
Night photography is exactly what it’s called. Photos taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. This allows for the choice of artificial light, long exposure etc. You can get some really unique effects at night such as light paintings.

Lo-Fi Photography
Recently one of the upcoming trends in the photography world is lo-fi photography. This is partially due to Instagram popularizing retro filters. Lo-fi means low-fidelity and refers to giving the impression of low quality. Such as toy cameras or pinhole cameras. It’s very stylistic, and acts as reminder of how easy it is to create perfect photos today in the digital age; as back then it was not uncommon to have plenty of noise present in photos due to technical limitations. 


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