Frostixa. A name I have chosen to represent myself and be my brand image. It represents a window into the mind of a musician. It originated a couple years ago as a simple gamer tag for online games; a unique name for others to identify me easily. This came about due to "Frost" being my nickname at the time so the simple addition of "ixa" made it different and a word of its own. After I began to get interested in music production I decided it would be a fitting name to publish releases under.

Orchestral sounds have always given me shivers, especially the dark, bittersweet cello. The saddening soulful sound always seems to find a way to pierce my heart and mind. I seem to find myself lost within my own world when I hear it played. I've taken this feeling and mixed it with what I find to be the fastest growing genre of music; EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Electronic synthesizers and drums, combined with a softening, emotional orchestral base. Together they create an incredible, uplifting and motivational feeling. This is the sound I hope to perfect and share with the world.

Aside from being creative at a musical standpoint (both digitally and physically as I love piano etc.), I enjoy digital arts, photography and video editing. This blog is designed to be the stairway into my thought process. A window into my many works, inspirations, and aspirations. I hope to include tips, tricks and other informative facts that will also benefit the viewers who wish to stop by.

My life through a Creative Lens - Enjoy your stay.


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